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Affordable Local SEO for Small Businesses

Set your website up for success with local SEO services.

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Show Up in Google, Rank Higher & Attract More Customers Organically

SEO stands for search engine optimization, there is a lot that the term engulfs but for the most part it is the process of completing certain tasks to help your website listing appear higher in search engines such as Google.

The higher your website appears, the more traffic, leads, new customers and revenue you’ll be sure to get. What makes SEO awesome is the ability to get your business seen by an unlimited amount of people without paying money every time someone clicks a link to your website.

By the way… Did you know that for competitive keywords businesses pay $20, $50 and even up to $100 for a single click to their website or landing page when they market their business on Google Ads which shows up just above organic results? That’s what makes local small biz SEO an awesome alternative.

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Why Choose Me for SEO?

Affordable Pricing

No Big Contracts

Competitor Research

Local SEO Focused

Certified SEO Pro

Ranked Pages to # 1

Analytics Reports

Proven Methods

My monthly SEO packages for small business starts at $299 and goes up from there depending on how competitive the market is in your area and the keywords you want to rank for.


How much do you charge for SEO?

My SEO pricing typically starts at $299 per month. However, I understand that all businesses and ventures are different so I can adjust the pricing accordingly. I am able to work with almost any budget and match with a solution that makes sense.

How long does SEO take to work?

I have been able to get websites ranked on the first page of Google for keywords such as “service+city” within a few weeks, however this is not the norm, and it really depends on how competitive the industry is in the target area. I always tell my clients that SEO is an on-going long term game plan. It can take weeks, months or even years to get to that top position, however if you are able to see results and it’s bringing in new leads monthly, then it’s well worth the cost. It usually takes about 3-6 months to see positive results which is why I ask clients to at least give it 3 months to try it out, after that you are welcome to cancel.

I don’t live near; will you still work with me?

Of course! Actually, the majority of my work has been completed all remotely via email, phone and file services such as DropBox. I make things as easy as possible for my small business clients, so no in person meetings needed. Everything can be easily done online.

Will I be able to track my SEO results?

Absolutely, I will install analytics software and track all aspects of your website traffic including how many visitors, what pages they spend the most time on, where they arrived from, and whether they clicked to call you or filled out a form. For all on-going SEO clients, I deliver an end of the month SEO report which also includes position tracking in Google search, top keywords and more.

Can we hire you as our SEO agency?

I do provide SEO services and I am always open to long term opportunities with a good client. Please contact me to discuss further in detail to see whether or not my services would make the right fit for your business needs.

Ian Lewis is a Certified Web Designer & Digital Marketing Professional with 14+ years of experience.



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